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Data security is provided on multiple levels: by firewall, intrusion detection software, network monitoring, application-level.


A firewall serves as a security gate between the Internet and our network - including the mainframe data. By intercepting Internet data "packets" first, the firewall ensures that only packets permitted by our "rule set" may be passed beyond the public Internet to our secure web commerce server, and ultimately to the Banking application.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection software, running on its own server, unobtrusively analyzes data packets to detect patterns of hostile activity, misuse, or malicious Java and ActiveX applets. The intrusion detection system detects intrusion attempts in real time and responds to suspicious activity.

Network Monitoring

Firewalls and intrusion detection systems are monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Internet banking Application and its encrypted data are not available to monitoring personnel.

Application Level Monitoring

Unique user codes and passwords identify authorized account holders. The combined effect of the various security systems allow clients to access only areas permitted through the Internet Banking application.

Contact by the Bank or Affiliated Parties

No Bank employee or any company affiliated with the Bank will contact you via email or by phone requesting your Internet Banking log in information.  If you are contacted or received communication from anyone requesting that information, please do not release any personal identifying information and contact the Bank immediately.


Website Accessibility

For your protection and to provide you with the most secure access to your internet banking accounts, Monterey County Bank and our service provider are continually upgrading our systems to ensure that we utilize the latest security standards.  As such, when new features or enhancements are added, outdated web browsers or operating systems may not support the new standards.

To ensure the best web browsing experience, we recommend accessing our website from your desktop computer using a current version of your web browser and operating system.  The use of outdated web browsers or operating systems, and some mobile devices may result in loss of or limited accessibility and functionality of our website.


This page revised as of: 2021.0106

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