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Monterey County Bank encourages all customers to stay informed and take your own personal steps and precautionary measures to help ensure the well‐being of yourself and others around you. In addition to local and national news outlets, we would encourage all of you to visit these helpful websites for more information:

Centers for Disease Control         

World Health Organization           

Monterey County Health Department

California Department of Public Health


Thank you and stay healthy

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Bank Branch Notification Flyers

2021.0624 - Coronavirus Flyer Update [PDF]

2021.0611 - Coronavirus Webpage Update [PDF]

2020.1208 - Coronavirus Flyer Update [PDF]

2020.0327 - Coronavirus Flyer Update [PDF]

2020.0313 - Coronavirus Flyer Update [PDF]

2020.0305 - Coronavirus Flyer [PDF]

Security Focus

2021.0201 - FTC Coronavirus Keep Calm and Avoid Coronavirus Vaccine and Contact Caller Scams [PDF]

2020.0715 - FTC Pandemic purchases lead to record reports of unreceived goods [PDF]

2020.0415 - FTC Keep Calm and Avoid Coronavirus Scams [PDF]

2020.0402 - IRS-Criminal Investigation warns of potential COVID-19 economic impact payment scams [Link]

2020.0402 - FTC Tips on Coronavirus Scam [PDF]

2020.0311 - CISA Coronavirus Cybersecurity [PDF]


Page last updated: 2021.0629

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